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Possible Employment Law Changes

With a new president coming in to office, many experts have thoughts on where President-Elect Trump will lead key employment laws. Here are some key issues that could be affected by the change in power coming in January: DOL’s Final … Continue reading

Benefits of a Business Risk Assessment

One way to minimize company issues is to be aware of the risks within the company. To become aware of business risks and legal issues, the company needs to complete a business risk assessment. With an InnovaCounsel Business Risk Assessment, … Continue reading

Regulating Working After HOurs

It can be hard for employees to disconnect after work hours are over. They might feel the need to check their work email to see if they got an important response. In an effort to reduce work-related stress, other countries … Continue reading

Utilizing Outside Counsel

In their general corporate legal work, InnovaCounsel directs the work of outside attorneys. This is a relationship that can be difficult to establish and maintain, but when it is balanced properly, it can be a fruitful relationship for the company … Continue reading

Employer Tax Obligations

With tax season in full swing, employers should know what could happen if they fail to file and mail W-2 forms. They could face hefty financial and legal repercussions. Businesses have an obligation to mail out W2 forms to their … Continue reading

2016 Employment Law Trends

As 2016 begins, there are already trends popping up within the employment law arena. As the year progresses, here’s what employers can expect: Increase in FSLA initiatives and enforcement There’s a lot going on with wages right now, especially with … Continue reading

Corporate Compliance Programs

As regulations have increased within many industries, compliance programs have become more common. Corporate compliance programs ensure that all employees understand and follow the code of ethics laid out by the company. When creating a corporate compliance program, the organization … Continue reading

When to Use an Employment Contract

Employment contracts, similar to consulting contracts, set forth the terms of the relationship between employer and employee. These contracts aren’t always common but there are some situations where they should be used. These contracts should address many aspects such as: … Continue reading

New Business Paperwork

Starting a business is a major endeavor requiring a lot of patience and paperwork. Without the right forms, the process can turn into a nightmare. So what paperwork does one need to start a business? Articles of Incorporation or Organization … Continue reading

IT Department Compliance

Compliance laws don’t just cover general business practices, they also govern specialty departments such as IT. These regulations deal with safeguarding sensitive data for both the customer and the business. By complying, business decreases risks such as fines, penalties, lawsuits … Continue reading