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What Employee Training Should Cover

Employee training is essential to an organization’s success. It was once thought of as an optional benefit, and was often the first area to go during cutbacks. However, employ training programs are more important now than ever before. There are … Continue reading

3 Employment Policies To Review For 2017

Due to the regular addition of new laws, companies should be continuously reviewing, updating and improving their employee policies. The beginning of the year is a good time to review policies and adjust them to match the new requirements that … Continue reading

Possible Employment Law Changes

With a new president coming in to office, many experts have thoughts on where President-Elect Trump will lead key employment laws. Here are some key issues that could be affected by the change in power coming in January: DOL’s Final … Continue reading

End-Of-The-Year Risk Assessment

As the calendar nears the end of 2016, companies should start considering a business risk assessment. This can help the business start the new year on a solid note, feeling more secure about where they stand. The attorneys at InnovaCounsel … Continue reading

Minimizing Potential Lawsuits for Small Businesses

If a small business gets hit with an employee lawsuit, it could quickly drain the business funds. Even a small issue can end in a lawsuit, which is why small businesses need to protect themselves. Here are five precautions to … Continue reading

Penalty Increases

Companies are going to have to be even more careful about following rules set by the EEOC and DOL to avoid hefty fines. First, the EEOC announced an increase in its notice-posting violations. Then, the DOL also announced civil penalty … Continue reading

Benefits of a Business Risk Assessment

One way to minimize company issues is to be aware of the risks within the company. To become aware of business risks and legal issues, the company needs to complete a business risk assessment. With an InnovaCounsel Business Risk Assessment, … Continue reading

Retaliation Claims

Sometimes employees believe their boss is punishing them unfairly for an action in the workplace. If true, this punishment could be considered retaliation, which is prohibited in the workplace. Retaliation is described as occurring when an employer punishes an employee … Continue reading

Corporate Compliance Programs

As regulations have increased within many industries, compliance programs have become more common. Corporate compliance programs ensure that all employees understand and follow the code of ethics laid out by the company. When creating a corporate compliance program, the organization … Continue reading

Litigation Strategies Should Include Settlement

Many lawsuits are settled before they ever enter a courtroom. That’s why when planning a litigation strategy, a settlement strategy should also be planned. InnovaCounsel helps their clients with this through dispute resolution, litigation strategy and management. When creating a … Continue reading