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Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Diego, San Francisco & Silicon Valley and Boise

Veteran in-house lawyers Stuart Blake and Michael Oswald founded InnovaCounsel on their more than 50 years of combined in-house legal solutions experience. They lead a team of some of the finest senior-level in-house lawyers in the industry, making general counsel available to companies that hadn’t previously been able to afford the benefits of full-time in-house counsel. Now any business with growing needs and a desire for high-quality legal (and business) counsel, but with a limited budget, can benefit from InnovaCounsel’s trusted legal help and in-house legal services.

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InnovaCounsel is comprised of two separate legal entities:

  • InnovaCounsel, LLP – a law firm made up of senior-level, in-house lawyers from many industries which provides the legal services to clients.
  • InnovaCounsel Services, LLC (formerly The General Counsel, LLC., founded in 2005) – an experienced legal staffing and business services firm managing the business activities of InnovaCounsel, LLP.

InnovaCounsel’s executive-level general counsel attorneys work part time on-site at our clients’ offices, serving as integral members of the management team. Our experienced corporate attorneys immerse themselves in every aspect of the company, from sales and marketing to finance, HR and IP, so they’re prepared to best benefit the business. This unique relationship provides a wealth of benefits that clients frequently receive from a traditional hourly rate law firm, but at a substantially lower cost.

InnovaCounsel’s world-class in-house attorneys:

  • Are carefully matched to handle clients’ specific needs
  • Maintain regular in-house contact with clients
  • Oversee legal function which frees up management to focus on the business
  • Provide legal services for day-to-day operations
  • Negotiate business contracts and employment agreements
  • Protect trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and inventions
  • Integrate with executive teams for thorough risk management
  • Oversee special projects

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