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What Employee Training Should Cover

Employee training is essential to an organization’s success. It was once thought of as an optional benefit, and was often the first area to go during cutbacks. However, employ training programs are more important now than ever before. There are … Continue reading

Possible Employment Law Changes

With a new president coming in to office, many experts have thoughts on where President-Elect Trump will lead key employment laws. Here are some key issues that could be affected by the change in power coming in January: DOL’s Final … Continue reading

Termination and Employment Law Through the Years

Terminating employees is not always an easy process. Many employers believe they can simply terminate an employee because they are employed at will or that they have total discretion to terminate without cause without repercussions. However, it is not that … Continue reading

5 Common Employment Law Mistakes

Employment laws cover a wide range of topics and employers often find it difficult to keep track of all the new laws and changes. Frequently, employers discover they have been breaking employment laws without even realizing it. Five laws unknowingly … Continue reading

Anticipating the Defend Trade Secrets Act

Currently, trade secrets are only protected at state level, but with the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA), they could also gain protection on a federal level. This act has passed both houses of Congress and the House of Representatives and … Continue reading

Legal Employment Discrimination

There’s always a lot of talk about employment discrimination, but there are some situations in which employers can legally discriminate during the hiring process. Depending on the state, these 8 types of discrimination could be legal: Bankruptcy In the Bankruptcy … Continue reading

Consulting Contract Mistakes

While consulting agreements seem straight forward, there are frequently some mistakes made when putting them together. These mistakes could end up hurting one or both parties, and could end in litigation. Here are five common mistakes to avoid with consulting … Continue reading

When to Use an Employment Contract

Employment contracts, similar to consulting contracts, set forth the terms of the relationship between employer and employee. These contracts aren’t always common but there are some situations where they should be used. These contracts should address many aspects such as: … Continue reading