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Joint Venture or Strategic Alliance?

Written by Stuart Blake and Michael Oswald Many businesses join forces to benefit from one another’s strengths and expand sales or operations. There are two ways businesses can do this: through a joint venture or a strategic alliance. This article … Continue reading

Creating a Company Code of Ethics

When starting a new company, those creating it need to decide what the company will believe in and aims to live by. This is the company’s code of ethics. However, it doesn’t work alone, it works in conjunction with the … Continue reading

Advising Tech Start-Ups

It seems like everyone is in the tech start-up industry at the moment. With technology such a big part of today’s society, it’s not a bad place to be. However, creating a start-up isn’t always as easy as some people … Continue reading

What to Know About Franchise Agreements

Owning a franchise gives people the opportunity to work for themselves and build a business. When considering becoming a franchisee, the contract should be carefully reviewed. It is also wise to have a corporate business attorney review the contract and … Continue reading

Three Merger Mistakes to Avoid

Company mergers are often complicated arrangements with huge implications for all of the involved parties. As the merging companies begin to put the details together, there are three major pitfalls to avoid prior to closing the deal. Being too helpful … Continue reading

When to Use an Employment Contract

Employment contracts, similar to consulting contracts, set forth the terms of the relationship between employer and employee. These contracts aren’t always common but there are some situations where they should be used. These contracts should address many aspects such as: … Continue reading

New Business Paperwork

Starting a business is a major endeavor requiring a lot of patience and paperwork. Without the right forms, the process can turn into a nightmare. So what paperwork does one need to start a business? Articles of Incorporation or Organization … Continue reading

Seeking Venture Capital

When a start-up or new business cannot access funding from traditional sources due to size, assets, or their stage of development, they often turn to venture capital investments. These investments are usually made as cash in exchange for shares and … Continue reading

The Process of Forming a Company

When forming a business, there are a ton of legal hoops to jump through. There are federal and state business laws to which new businesses must adhere. Attorneys can help those wanting to start a business with first choosing the … Continue reading