No one says it better than our actual clients. Read on to discover why they chose InnovaCounsel, in their own words.


Ted Ebel, EVP Business Development, SkinMedica, Inc.

InnovaCounsel through its’ partner, Stuart Blake served as a tremendous legal resource for SkinMedica, Inc.   Our company was a maturing company, private equity and venture capital backed, and prior to Stuart had relied exclusively on outside legal support.  Stuart came in and lent his support to the company in the beginning for 2 days a week.  By the time we sold the company to Allergan he was so indispensable that we ended up working with Stuart on a near full time basis.  Stuart participated as a trusted strategic member of our senior leadership team from day one and demonstrated an innate ability to interact with and provide support to all functional groups in the company, including R&D, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Business Development as well as supporting the CEO.  With his diverse experience, Stuart was also able to support in pretty much all of the general counsel and intellectual property needs of our company.  He was an especially valuable partner to me in supporting with our acquisition diligence and negotiations, Intellectual Property Management and contract support.   I would recommend Stuart and his firm, InnovaCounsel, without hesitation and look forward to future opportunities to work together.

Steve Loomis, CFO, SkinMedica, Inc.

Stuart Blake with InnovaCounsel has been an invaluable addition to our executive team.  His business minded approach, in conjunction with his broad legal background, has served us well.  His level of involvement was able to flex as our company grew and our needs increased, from initially two days per week to full time, (and then some) during the Allergan M&A process.

Joe Moock, CEO of StatRad, LLC.

It is great having part time General Counsel in house.  Not only does it allow Vincent time to identify areas that could be of concern that we may not of thought of but it also allows other employees to bring legal matters directly to him rather than funneling everything through me.  Vincent has been a valuable asset to StatRad and I wish we could hire him full time!  He is very knowledgeable in most areas and when he needs help he always has colleges at Innova that can assist.  We went through several law firms prior to hiring Vincent and InnovaCounsel and I can say that we have never looked back.  Vincent also acts as our corporate secretary which is of big help during board meetings and other partner level items.  I can’t say enough how pleased I am with our arrangement.

Mike Michalik, CEO of Cirrhus9

InnovaCounsel provides Cirrhus9 with “on-demand” General Counsel services here in San Diego and our assigned attorney, Vincent Roth, has become a valuable member of our team.  The breadth of knowledge and expertise that they provide us is truly unparalleled.  Combine that with an exceptionally cost effective business model and you have a winning combination.  As a small business working with large Enterprise clients around the country, the demand to have competent a General Counsel is there.  InnovaCounsel allows us to have that service, without the cost requirements of a full time staff member.

Kendra Berger, CFO

NTN Buzztime is a small public company with limited resources.  Adding a part-time attorney via InnovaCounsel has not only allowed us to reduce legal costs significantly but also has allowed us to address various legal matters more timely and more effectively.  We now have an internal resource that has a more in depth understanding of our business and the issues we face.  The business leaders of our Company can rely on our GC to address matters timely from a legal and business perspective.

LIZ Global, Inc.

When asked to describe the pain points that having a GC from InnovaCounsel solves for them, members of the Executive Team stated:

“1. It is great that you even know you should be asking that question!  How many lawyers know to ask that?

2. I get peace of mind on the employment law front.  I love that I can reach you promptly for good answers whenever we are conserving making a change with an employee.

3. We have been on a muddy road.  Having you on the team has created a highway so we don’t get bogged down by things that can kill us.  You are paying attention to the legal potholes and helping us avoid them.

4. InnovaCounsel’s organization is a plus for young companies. You make it easy and affordable to do business with you.

5. There is a trust factor built in early on.

6. You provide stability and security.”

Bill Potter
CEO of MessageBroadcast.com

“We ensure hassle-free growth by working with InnovaCounsel to manage an aggressive program of internal research and development, acquisition and strategic partnerships, advise us of risks and overcome legal obstacles blocking our expansion.”

Dr. Micheal Clark
CEO of the National Academy of Sports Medicine

“We’re at the forefront of the convergence of fitness, insurance and healthcare, using licensed, proprietary fitness programs to cultivate lucrative markets. This takes the legal foresight of InnovaCounsel to help us accomplish our goals.”

Thomas C. K. Yuen
Chairman and CEO, SRS Labs

“InnovaCounsel has helped SRS Labs manage our growth and react quickly to licensing and other strategic alliance opportunities.”

Nathan Meckel
President and CTO, RayGun Technology

“I get much more than good legal advice from InnovaCounsel. They have deep business experience and broad connections in the business world. They give me prompt, focused advice that I can immediately implement. They introduce me to customers, investors, potential board members, and other key service providers. I’ve never encountered such a resource for my company.”

Bill Pesch
CEO, McBride Electric, Inc.

“The Business Risk Assessment conducted by one of the attorneys provided by InnovaCounsel met my expectations and covered all the needed areas. Also, it was important that we had face-to-face meetings during the assessment to discuss all of the issues which led to results. The assessment was a very good value, we could never have done it internally and other risk consultants would have cost substantially more, without including the legal perspective. I would highly recommend this assessment for other companies. It was very thorough and for the cost, a very good value. We had intended to do an assessment in 2009, and this process made it easy and cost effective to do it sooner, rather than later.”

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