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When to Hire (Part-time or Full-time) In-House Counsel

When a business starts booming, the company’s leaders may start to become frustrated with the high costs of frequently using outside legal counsel. This might lead them to think about hiring in-house counsel to reduce these costs, but doing so … Continue reading

5 Important Lease Negotiating Factors

Negotiating a real estate transaction can be difficult, and often leaves one or both parties with less than they wanted. When negotiating a commercial lease for a retail space, office space, etc., keep in mind these five factors to avoid … Continue reading

Utilizing Outside Counsel

In their general corporate legal work, InnovaCounsel directs the work of outside attorneys. This is a relationship that can be difficult to establish and maintain, but when it is balanced properly, it can be a fruitful relationship for the company … Continue reading

Three Merger Mistakes to Avoid

Company mergers are often complicated arrangements with huge implications for all of the involved parties. As the merging companies begin to put the details together, there are three major pitfalls to avoid prior to closing the deal. Being too helpful … Continue reading

When to Use an Employment Contract

Employment contracts, similar to consulting contracts, set forth the terms of the relationship between employer and employee. These contracts aren’t always common but there are some situations where they should be used. These contracts should address many aspects such as: … Continue reading

Cease and Desist Letters

Chances are at some point a business might receive a cease and desist letter. Before going into a panic, businesses should be aware of what a cease and desist letter is, what it isn’t, and how to respond appropriately. Cease … Continue reading

Drafting a Purchase and Sales Contract

A purchase and sales agreement relating to a business or company usually deals with selling said entity. Whether on the buying or selling end, knowing what to expect from these agreements is important.  A purchase and sales agreement is the … Continue reading

Employment Discrimination Laws

Business owners have to be aware of many laws, including those dealing with employment discrimination. Laws have been added and changed over the years, making it difficult for business owners to stay up to date. Discrimination is one of the … Continue reading

Common Legal Issues for Small Businesses

Being a business owner can be difficult and stressful. One of the last items owners tend to think about when starting a company are potential legal issues. However, glazing over these possible issues can get business owners into a lot … Continue reading

The Process of Forming a Company

When forming a business, there are a ton of legal hoops to jump through. There are federal and state business laws to which new businesses must adhere. Attorneys can help those wanting to start a business with first choosing the … Continue reading