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When to Hire (Part-time or Full-time) In-House Counsel

When a business starts booming, the company’s leaders may start to become frustrated with the high costs of frequently using outside legal counsel. This might lead them to think about hiring in-house counsel to reduce these costs, but doing so … Continue reading

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Joint Venture or Strategic Alliance?

Written by Stuart Blake and Michael Oswald Many businesses join forces to benefit from one another’s strengths and expand sales or operations. There are two ways businesses can do this: through a joint venture or a strategic alliance. This article … Continue reading

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What Employee Training Should Cover

Employee training is essential to an organization’s success. It was once thought of as an optional benefit, and was often the first area to go during cutbacks. However, employ training programs are more important now than ever before. There are … Continue reading

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Deciding to Franchise

Franchising allows companies to expand without the risk of debt or the cost of equity. It also allows for expansion with minimal capital investment on the part of the franchisor. When deciding to franchise, the company will need to create … Continue reading

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Common Uses for Non-Disclosure Agreements

Many companies need to protect the confidentiality of information when hiring employees, or making business deals with another party. To do this they create non-disclosure agreements. The most common instances when a non-disclosure agreement is appropriate include: Trade Secret Protection … Continue reading

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3 Employment Policies To Review For 2017

Due to the regular addition of new laws, companies should be continuously reviewing, updating and improving their employee policies. The beginning of the year is a good time to review policies and adjust them to match the new requirements that … Continue reading

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Looking After ESPPs

Along with the other general corporate legal services InnovaCounsel provides, another service we offer our clients is setting up and governing stock option and purchase plans. Learn more about what these plans entail below. An employee stock purchase plan or … Continue reading

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Possible Employment Law Changes

With a new president coming in to office, many experts have thoughts on where President-Elect Trump will lead key employment laws. Here are some key issues that could be affected by the change in power coming in January: DOL’s Final … Continue reading

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End-Of-The-Year Risk Assessment

As the calendar nears the end of 2016, companies should start considering a business risk assessment. This can help the business start the new year on a solid note, feeling more secure about where they stand. The attorneys at InnovaCounsel … Continue reading

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The Importance of Intellectual Property

When a business protects their intellectual property through patents, trade secrets, copyrights, or trademarks, it not only benefits that business, but the United States economy as a whole. A new report came out detailing just how this is possible. Here … Continue reading

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