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Tips for Small Businesses to Avoid Lawsuits

Larger companies can survive a hit from a lawsuit financially, but it could mean the end for a small business. The responsibility to limit risk falls onto the business owner, which can be a big task. Sometimes they can’t identify … Continue reading

Franchise Agreements

Companies that resell items made by another company have either a franchise agreement or a distribution agreement. A franchise agreement gives the business the right to market or sell goods and services under the trademarked name or patented process of … Continue reading

How to Come out of a Merger Successful

Many companies deal in mergers and acquisitions. Two companies merge into one because they are more valuable together than when separated. This usually happens when one company isn’t faring as well as the other, and sells. It is typically called … Continue reading

Company Culture

Just like countries, companies have their own culture. When they hire a new employee, this employee must learn the culture quickly so they don’t make a mistake that could cost them their job. Company culture can include the dress code, … Continue reading

In-House Advantages

Every business legal advice at some point and have to decide whether to consult outside counsel or hire in-house counsel. Deciding to hire in-house counsel comes with many advantages. By being integrated into the workplace, in-house counsel becomes part of … Continue reading

Terminating an Employee

Firing or laying off an employee can sometimes cause issues in the workplace. It can bring down productivity and morale or even cost the employer a lawsuit if it is handled improperly. In-house attorneys can help make this process go … Continue reading

Intellectual Property Protection

When companies come up with a new idea, they need to protect it. Intellectually property and patents can get messy if the right steps aren’t taken when the idea is first formed. Even Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of the television, … Continue reading

Commercial Lease Consulting

Negotiating a commercial business lease is a complex process requiring knowledge and research of the area, the building, its past occupants, the owner and more. For a new business owner, this can be intimidating. Prior to finalizing a lease, it’s … Continue reading

Help! My Employee claims she is being harassed, how do I handle it?

This is a common complaint and problem for employers. Employees go to their supervisor or Human Resources (HR) and use the word “harassment”, it gets everyone nervous followed with questions on how to handle it. Many employees use this word … Continue reading

Greening the Corporation: Advising Companies on Compliance with Corporate Sustainability Requirements, By Dana M. Newman Partner, The General Counsel, LLC

For a growing number of businesses, implementing smart environmental policy aids legal compliance and promotes competitiveness Continue reading