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Terminating a Consulting Contract

Sometimes consulting agreements don’t work out the way the company envisioned. It might not have worked out because of poor performance, financial reasons, or another factor. In any event, terminating a consulting contract can get messy if done in the … Continue reading

New Business Paperwork

Starting a business is a major endeavor requiring a lot of patience and paperwork. Without the right forms, the process can turn into a nightmare. So what paperwork does one need to start a business? Articles of Incorporation or Organization … Continue reading

When Do I Need an Employment Law Attorney?

Not every business has an in-house attorney. However, there may be times when one is needed, especially when dealing with employment law. With employment laws changing rapidly and courts interpreting them in new ways, it can be hard to keep … Continue reading

IT Department Compliance

Compliance laws don’t just cover general business practices, they also govern specialty departments such as IT. These regulations deal with safeguarding sensitive data for both the customer and the business. By complying, business decreases risks such as fines, penalties, lawsuits … Continue reading

The WARN Act

When a business has to lay off employees things can get tense and employees become fearful. To eliminate as much fear and panic as possible, follow the labor and employment law protocols laid out in the Worker Adjustment and Retraining … Continue reading

Seeking Venture Capital

When a start-up or new business cannot access funding from traditional sources due to size, assets, or their stage of development, they often turn to venture capital investments. These investments are usually made as cash in exchange for shares and … Continue reading

Affordable Legal Advice

Having an attorney to turn to when questions arise is beneficial for any business. However, it can be costly running to outside counsel with questions and issues if they choose to charge an hourly fee. InnovaCounsel believes everyone should be … Continue reading

Seven Characteristics of Proper Corporate Governance

Effective corporate governance follows seven important characteristics that make up a code of ethics for a company’s leaders. They promote these characteristics through management of the business and its employees. The seven characteristics that make up good corporate governance are: … Continue reading

Cease and Desist Letters

Chances are at some point a business might receive a cease and desist letter. Before going into a panic, businesses should be aware of what a cease and desist letter is, what it isn’t, and how to respond appropriately. Cease … Continue reading

Drafting a Purchase and Sales Contract

A purchase and sales agreement relating to a business or company usually deals with selling said entity. Whether on the buying or selling end, knowing what to expect from these agreements is important.  A purchase and sales agreement is the … Continue reading