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Common Legal Issues for Small Businesses

Being a business owner can be difficult and stressful. One of the last items owners tend to think about when starting a company are potential legal issues. However, glazing over these possible issues can get business owners into a lot … Continue reading

Workplace Stress

Stress is part of everyday life, and can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the biggest stressors people have is work. While some minor stress on the job is normal, if it becomes a problem, the employer … Continue reading

Building Strategic Alliances

When businesses work together on a project or create a joint venture, they need to create a strategic alliance agreement to solidify and outline the terms of the agreement. These contracts can be complex and include a variety of partnership … Continue reading

The Search for Office Space

InnovaCounsel attorneys offer many services to their clients, one of them being office lease negotiations. Before negotiating the lease, companies will have to find the right office space for them. There are many factors to consider when purchasing or leasing … Continue reading

The Process of Forming a Company

When forming a business, there are a ton of legal hoops to jump through. There are federal and state business laws to which new businesses must adhere. Attorneys can help those wanting to start a business with first choosing the … Continue reading

Dealing with Patent Lawsuits

Patent lawsuits have become increasingly prevalent over the years. Many technology-based companies will encounter a patent infringement issue at some point no matter their size. When a company or business is hit with a threatening letter, they need to act … Continue reading

Consulting Contracts

Sometimes companies are in need of a consultant to provide professional advice on a project. When creating a consulting contract, it should include certain requirements such as: An offer The acceptance Valid consideration Mutual asset A legal purpose Including these … Continue reading

Conducting Internal Investigations

If an issue comes up in a company, management has a duty to conduct an internal investigation. Often this is related to behavior such as discrimination or harassment. Many management teams make the mistake of jumping straight into interviewing the … Continue reading

Creating a Social Media Policy

With more people joining social media daily, implementing a company-wide social media policy is a good idea. Disgruntled employees sometimes take their frustration out on social media platforms, hurting the company’s reputation. To dissuade employees of doing this, and being … Continue reading

Staying on Top of Compliance

The Human Resources department’s role in a company has vastly changed over the years from providing operational support and personnel tasks. The HR department now handles many different facets including hiring, payroll, training, employee relations and more. While handling all … Continue reading