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Intellectual Property Theft

Companies depend on intellectual property to profit and even survive. So, when it is stolen or infringed upon, it can be a big deal. Intellectual property can be books, ideas, written items, inventions, and more. If a company discovers their … Continue reading

Employer Tax Obligations

With tax season in full swing, employers should know what could happen if they fail to file and mail W-2 forms. They could face hefty financial and legal repercussions. Businesses have an obligation to mail out W2 forms to their … Continue reading

2016 Employment Law Trends

As 2016 begins, there are already trends popping up within the employment law arena. As the year progresses, here’s what employers can expect: Increase in FSLA initiatives and enforcement There’s a lot going on with wages right now, especially with … Continue reading

Corporate Compliance Programs

As regulations have increased within many industries, compliance programs have become more common. Corporate compliance programs ensure that all employees understand and follow the code of ethics laid out by the company. When creating a corporate compliance program, the organization … Continue reading

Implementing Employee Training Programs

Thorough and effective employee training programs can lessen the likelihood of litigation for a business. They do this by creating a clear understanding of the policies, job functions, goals and company philosophy. When creating an effective training program with the … Continue reading

Five Common Patent Filing Mistakes

Many companies depend on patents to protect their creations. Making a mistake while filing the patent could be disastrous for their company. However, mistakes do happen. Here are the five most common patent application mistakes to avoid: Waiting too long … Continue reading

Litigation Strategies Should Include Settlement

Many lawsuits are settled before they ever enter a courtroom. That’s why when planning a litigation strategy, a settlement strategy should also be planned. InnovaCounsel helps their clients with this through dispute resolution, litigation strategy and management. When creating a … Continue reading

Tipping Policies Could Mean Fewer Lawsuits

Tipping is embedded in American culture. Not only do people tip restaurant servers, but also coffee baristas, hairdressers, and many other workers in service jobs. Lately the custom has come under scrutiny, with some restaurants doing away with formal tipping … Continue reading

When to Use an Employment Contract

Employment contracts, similar to consulting contracts, set forth the terms of the relationship between employer and employee. These contracts aren’t always common but there are some situations where they should be used. These contracts should address many aspects such as: … Continue reading

The Basics of Trademark Infringement

Many companies encounter trademark infringement during the course of their lifetime. Whether they are a victim of it, or are the ones infringing, any business should be aware of the basics regarding trademark infringements in case they run into the … Continue reading