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Seven Characteristics of Proper Corporate Governance

Effective corporate governance follows seven important characteristics that make up a code of ethics for a company’s leaders. They promote these characteristics through management of the business and its employees. The seven characteristics that make up good corporate governance are: … Continue reading

Cease and Desist Letters

Chances are at some point a business might receive a cease and desist letter. Before going into a panic, businesses should be aware of what a cease and desist letter is, what it isn’t, and how to respond appropriately. Cease … Continue reading

Drafting a Purchase and Sales Contract

A purchase and sales agreement relating to a business or company usually deals with selling said entity. Whether on the buying or selling end, knowing what to expect from these agreements is important.  A purchase and sales agreement is the … Continue reading

Protecting Trade Secrets

While patents are protected through registration and documentation, trade secrets are protected without any procedural formalities. Trade secrets can be protected for an unlimited amount of time, however. There are conditions the information has to meet to be considered a … Continue reading

Filing a Patent Application

It’s recommended that a new invention or idea be patented as soon as possible. But before filing a patent application, businesses should first ask themselves the following questions: Is it marketable? Personal market research should be conducted before applying for … Continue reading

Employment Discrimination Laws

Business owners have to be aware of many laws, including those dealing with employment discrimination. Laws have been added and changed over the years, making it difficult for business owners to stay up to date. Discrimination is one of the … Continue reading

Getting Through a Lawsuit

Sometimes the worst-case scenario for a business becomes a reality: they get served with a lawsuit. What happens when a lawsuit pops up? How does a business protect itself? Usually there is some type of warning before a lawsuit is … Continue reading

Common Legal Issues for Small Businesses

Being a business owner can be difficult and stressful. One of the last items owners tend to think about when starting a company are potential legal issues. However, glazing over these possible issues can get business owners into a lot … Continue reading

Workplace Stress

Stress is part of everyday life, and can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the biggest stressors people have is work. While some minor stress on the job is normal, if it becomes a problem, the employer … Continue reading

Building Strategic Alliances

When businesses work together on a project or create a joint venture, they need to create a strategic alliance agreement to solidify and outline the terms of the agreement. These contracts can be complex and include a variety of partnership … Continue reading