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Commercial Lease Consulting

Negotiating a commercial business lease is a complex process requiring knowledge and research of the area, the building, its past occupants, the owner and more. For a new business owner, this can be intimidating. Prior to finalizing a lease, it’s … Continue reading

Help! My Employee claims she is being harassed, how do I handle it?

This is a common complaint and problem for employers. Employees go to their supervisor or Human Resources (HR) and use the word “harassment”, it gets everyone nervous followed with questions on how to handle it. Many employees use this word … Continue reading

Greening the Corporation: Advising Companies on Compliance with Corporate Sustainability Requirements, By Dana M. Newman Partner, The General Counsel, LLC

For a growing number of businesses, implementing smart environmental policy aids legal compliance and promotes competitiveness Continue reading

2010 Employment Law Updates, by Jerry Bloch

Here are the most significant legislative changes applicable to California employers: A. FMLA (included in the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act): 1. Military Caregiver Leave –Time off to care for injured or ill or active service members has been expanded … Continue reading

Liability Releases Held Unenforceable – Once Again, by Jerry Bloch

After Jason Lhotka died while on a Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking expedition, his heirs sued the San Francisco-based company that arranged the trip, Geographic Expeditions (GE). GE thought it had a “bullet-proof” release form limiting its liability to the cost of … Continue reading

The Blogging Employee, by Jerry Bloch

The use of the internet for social media purposes has made pundits and commentators out of anyone who wants to be one. What risks do employers have from their employees’ blogging, and facebooking? An article in the Los Angeles Daily … Continue reading

Billable Hour Fees Under Attack – Again!

Today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal includes yet another great article (most of it subscription protected) about companies continuing their efforts to push big law firms to abandon the billable hour fee structure in lieu of flat or fixed fees based … Continue reading

Can I prohibit my employees from discussing any and all information regarding the company, its business plans, its partners, its policies, new business efforts etc?

By Karen Ward. The surprising answer is no.   A Federal District Court ruled that employees could reasonably interpret the rules unqualified prohibition of the release of “any information” regarding “its partners” to unlawfully restrict employees’ discussion of wages and other … Continue reading

More on Legal Fees and Billable Hours, by Jerry Bloch

A recently published article explains why the billable hour business model used by law firms is so dysfunctional and why firms are so addicted to it. The article is not available on-line but I will send a copy on request, … Continue reading

Does Your Company Have An Updated Social Media Policy?

The use of social media is growing at a very rapid pace as companies look to use these digital media sites to grow their brand and increase sales. Many company communication policies predate the fast growth in social media that … Continue reading