Intellectual Property Protection

When companies come up with a new idea, they need to protect it. Intellectually property and patents can get messy if the right steps aren’t taken when the idea is first formed. Even Philo Farnsworth, the inventor of the television, had issues securing a patent back in 1930.

With the help of a knowledgeable attorney, companies with innovative ideas should take these steps when protecting their intellectual property:

Keep It a Secret: The fewer the number of people who are aware, the less likely the idea will get into the wrong hands or be copied. If the idea becomes public, it is no longer available for a patent.

Learn About Intellectual Property: An attorney can help with this, sharing their knowledge with the company. There are different types of intellectual protection such as copyright, patent, trademark, or trade secret. Discovering which one will work best for a specific idea or invention will help shorten the entire process.

Research: Someone else may have already come up with this idea and is in the process of patenting it. It’s better to find out if the idea is a dead end before going through the hassle of filing the paperwork.

File for Protection: The sooner this is done, the better. This is especially important for those filing for a trademark. A trademark is the property of whoever files it first.

Non-Disclosure Agreements: If employees are made aware of the idea or invention, they should sign an NDA. An in-house attorney can help draw up these contracts for the best protection possible. 

The process to get protection for an intellectual property can be a long one. Hiring an in-house attorney who can be there every step of the way will make it less stressful on the creator. InnovaCounsel attorneys have the experience needed to help with intellectual property cases

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