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Can I prohibit my employees from discussing any and all information regarding the company, its business plans, its partners, its policies, new business efforts etc?

By Karen Ward. The surprising answer is no.   A Federal District Court ruled that employees could reasonably interpret the rules unqualified prohibition of the release of “any information” regarding “its partners” to unlawfully restrict employees’ discussion of wages and other … Continue reading

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Does Your Company Have An Updated Social Media Policy?

The use of social media is growing at a very rapid pace as companies look to use these digital media sites to grow their brand and increase sales. Many company communication policies predate the fast growth in social media that … Continue reading

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Use of Interim Executives

Cerius Interim Executive Solutions has a great white paper called ” Top 8 Reasons Why Leadership On-Demand Makes Economic Sense Today” which makes outstanding points (eight of them) of the economic benefits of using interim executives.   Let me know … Continue reading

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In today’s economic times, CEO’s of emerging and mid-sized companies can ill-afford to incur unanticipated risks or see a badly structured transaction or contract erode hard-earned company profits.  That is one of the many reasons that a CEO’s team should … Continue reading

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How to Cost Effectively Manage Legal Issues

Last month, there was an excellent article in the New York Times about the imminent death of the billable hour at law firms.  It identified the common complaint of law firm clients that the practice of billable hours can encourage … Continue reading

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Experienced. Affordable

InnovaCounsel’s in-house general counsel services offer industry proven, executive level general counsel on a full or part-time basis on a fixed monthly retainer with none of the overhead of adding a new legal service department.

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Business Risk Assessment

The InnovaCounsel Business Risk Assessment is a structured process that gives management an unbiased view of their company’s business and legal risks and of what the company is doing to manage those risks. We offer insights that can only be … Continue reading

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Emerging Growth. Middle Market

InnovaCounsel provides cost-effective, full and part-time in-house general counsel services to emerging-growth to mid-size companies. We help these businesses chart their growth and mitigate the risks associated with success.

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Cost-effective In-house Legal Solutions

Jason Mendelson at Mendelson’s Musings discusses his frustration about start-up lawyers and raises many significant issues that start-up companies and in-house counsel have been trying to address for many years – the high cost and opportunity lost of traditional law … Continue reading

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The General Counsel Quoted

In an article published in its May 27, 2008 edition, the Los Angeles Daily Journal discussed various ways law firms and clients are working to cut fees, an especially relevant topic during this economic downturn. The General Counsel was prominently … Continue reading

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