Cost-Effective Legal Solutions

How InnovaCounsel Works

InnovaCounsel provides part- and full-time senior-level general counsel attorneys who work on-site at our clients’ offices as a member of the management team. We believe our clients are best served by having an experienced general counsel maintain regular, in-house contact and work closely with management. In order to provide the greatest value, a general counsel must be intimately aware of every aspect of the business, from sales and marketing to IT, finance, HR and more. These are just some of the benefits of having on-site retained counsel as opposed to the outside services offered by a traditional hourly rate law firm:

  • Frees up senior management’s time to focus on the company’s core operations
  • Adds another versatile and seasoned member to the management team
  • Contributes a proactive legal perspective to strategy and execution
  • Increased ability to assess and capitalize on strengths and opportunities as the company grows and changes
  • Reduced cost of legal services
  • Added value of identifying and preventing legal issues up front rather than resolving them after the fact
  • Ability to be on-hand to participate in meetings of the executive management team and the Board of Directors, providing advice on issues as they arise
  • Development of working relationships with all members of the management team, not just one primary contact
  • Better able to understand the culture of the company
  • Better able to understand the unique challenges facing an organization
  • More opportunity and greater insight in helping to develop key business strategies while managing legal risk
  • Provides CEO and CFO with a much broader range of feedback and guidance

Extension of In-House Legal Team

Larger corporations with in-house legal departments rely on InnovaCounsel as a ready and flexible extension of their existing capacity. InnovaCounsel provides cost-effective, scalable legal solutions that range from dealing with small, nagging problems that never seem to rise to the top of the pile to highly specialized projects that require particular expertise. Our attorneys have worked in corporate environments and understand how to serve as effective and efficient extensions of any legal team.

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