What is InnovaCounsel?

InnovaCounsel represents a new breed of legal-services firms that understands that the high cost and hourly rate structure of traditional law firms creates challenges—especially for fast-growth and mid-sized companies. InnovaCounsel’s value-based services make it financially possible for your company to enjoy all the advantages of an experienced in-house counsel as part of your management team, working on-site at your company for a flat monthly fee. This unique arrangement gives you the peace of mind of having thorough and experienced legal counsel without the sky-high costs. Now every firm can afford the general counsel to mitigate risk and seize opportunities for continuing growth. In fact, you can’t afford not to.

Why was InnovaCounsel founded?

InnovaCounsel was founded to provide retained general counsel services to fast-growth and mid-size companies that cannot afford the benefits of full-time in-house counsel or to retain legal services through traditional hourly rate law firms. These businesses rarely have the opportunity to work with the same corporate counsel day in and day out the way large corporations can. InnovaCounsel’s founders knew that if smaller companies could gain access to that type of legal resource, it would accelerate their growth and protect the businesses they were building. As retained part-time general counsel, InnovaCounsel attorneys maintain regular in-house contact with clients and provides proactive legal services for day-to-day business matters, such as negotiating business contracts and employment agreements and addressing business disputes, as well as highly specialized services, such as counseling to protect trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and inventions.

What value does InnovaCounsel provide companies?

Each senior-level InnovaCounsel attorney has many years of experience working in corporate environments with top-notch executives and board members, and they understand how to act as effective extensions of the management team. Companies save money by using InnovaCounsel attorneys instead of traditional hourly rate law firms, and at the same time, they enhance the strategic business value that only knowledgeable in-house legal representation can provide.

How can InnovaCounsel help companies that don’t have attorneys?

InnovaCounsel is ideal for companies without an in-house attorney. InnovaCounsel places an experienced attorney on-site to provide continuing part-time legal advice and review, freeing up time that executives and senior management can use to focus on core business matters. The attorney becomes an integral part of the management team on an outsourced contract basis, developing an insider’s view into the company business while providing practical strategic advice and managing risk without the typical high associated costs.

How can InnovaCounsel help companies that already have an in-house attorney or legal department?

InnovaCounsel helps companies by providing flexible and scalable on-call attorneys to extend existing or evolving capabilities for special projects and work overflow. The InnovaCounsel-placed attorney can handle highly specialized projects requiring particular field expertise. All InnovaCounsel attorneys have worked in corporate environments and are committed to extending the resources of every client’s existing legal structure.

Can InnovaCounsel provide a permanent solution for legal-service needs?

Absolutely. In fact, this question underscores InnovaCounsel’s flexibility and what sets it apart from the more traditional legal options in the marketplace. InnovaCounsel offers the ultimate in-house solutions for emerging-growth and mid-size businesses. Assigned attorneys develop close relationships with executives and senior management teams. The attorney works at the client’s office, offering practical strategic advice and becoming an integral part of day-to-day operations. Like traditional in-house counsel, InnovaCounsel attorneys help clients focus on growth while managing the risks associated with rapid success and marketplace opportunities. All this, and clients keep legal costs in check with prudent planning and forecasting, managed by InnovaCounsel.

What are the benefits of using an attorney placed by InnovaCounsel compared to an outside attorney from a traditional hourly rate law firm?

These are just some of the benefits of working with an InnovaCounsel-assigned attorney:

    • Close working relationships with every member of the senior team
    • More complete assessment of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Better understanding and appreciation of the company culture
    • Ability to view business challenges and opportunities from an insider’s perspective
    • More opportunities to develop proactive strategies and manage risk
    • Provision of more complete feedback and guidance for the CEO and CFO
    • Early detection and resolution of legal problems, before they become expensive and disruptive
    • Lower hourly rate equivalent

What is the cost of contracting with InnovaCounsel?

InnovaCounsel’s clients typically engage attorneys placed by InnovaCounsel on a flat monthly fee basis, scheduling the attorney to provide in-house legal support for a set number of days per week. This arrangement allows InnovaCounsel to offer clients a flexible and customized engagement plan—one that fits a company’s budget and fulfills its legal needs. Rates may vary, depending on the nature of the legal services provided and the number of days per week that the attorney is retained by the client.

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