InnovaCounsel’s Business Risk Assessment

Give Your Company an Annual Check-up

This structured process sheds light on risks and red flags, letting management know where the company is vulnerable. The InnovaCounsel Business and Legal Risk Assessment is an excellent way to perform a focused and efficient inventory of business risks and legal issues that need to be addressed to protect the business. It prioritizes and scopes management activities, gives the team a succinct “big picture” overview of the business and relevant legal issues, and uncovers those issues before they become problems by revealing areas where current practices must be updated to comply with changes in the laws.

Clients frequently experience “aha!” moments during these assessment interviews. They start implementing improvements in business processes before they’re even presented with findings and recommendations. Here’s how one satisfied client described it:

“The Business Risk Assessment conducted by one of the attorneys provided by InnovaCounsel met my expectations and covered all the needed areas. Also, it was important that we had face-to-face meetings during the assessment to discuss all of the issues which led to results. The assessment was a very good value; we could never have done it internally, and other risk consultants would have cost substantially more—without including the legal perspective. I would highly recommend this assessment for other companies.  It was very thorough and for the cost, a very good value. We had intended to do an assessment next year, and this process made it easy and cost-effective to do it sooner rather than later.”
Bill Pesch, CEO, McBride Electric, Inc.


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